Boston Marathon Squares Game 1

All Proceeds go to the Jeffrey Coombs Memorial Foundation

$10 Per Square

13.1 Mile Time Prize – $220
26.2 Mile Time Prize – $250

Coombs Donation – $450
Admin and Credit Card Fees – $80

How to Play:
1. Click on the following link before April 20th, 2020:
2. Enter your name and email address at the top
3. Choose your square(s)–wait until your name appears in square before choosing another
4. When you are finished choosing your square(s) please click on PAY ENTRY at the top of the squares page to pay via credit card only
5. If we sell out the game board, an additional game board will start.

The Top is Minutes.
The Left is Seconds.

If the Half time is 1 Hour, 50 Minutes, 23 Seconds
and the Finish Time is 3 Hours, 56 Minutes, 48 Seconds,
The Square at 0 Minutes, 3 Seconds will win the 13.1 Mile square.
The Square at 6 Minutes, 8 Seconds will win the 26.2 square.

If for some reason Jack Houghton does not make the 13 mile mark, the winner of both prizes will be the time at the last completed mile.

If for some reason Jack Houghton runs greater than 13 miles and does not make the 26.2 mile mark, then the winner of the 26.2 prize will be the time at the last completed mile.

If you would like to donate directly, please do so here: